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Why Did My Broadcast TV Channels Disappear?

Every day would not be a perfect sunny day wherein you relax, switch on your TV and everything seems perfect. There is common question that is often asked, as to why did my broadcast channels all of a sudden disappear. Before you freak yourself out and lose all ends. Just try to analyse the below in connection with your situation and see if the trick works and you get your TV channels back on screen.

  • Recheck the connections: Whenever your TV channels all of a sudden disappear, before you panic and call up the customer care there are certain simple tricks which can do the work. Firstly, try to check if all the connections are in place. If there is something that has gone loose or has shifted, then get that in place and you would get the TV channels back.
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  • Look out for any kind of obstructions: There are times when something just gets in between the TV antenna and the transmitter of the TV. It can be a tree or some new upcoming building. All you would need to do is, get back to the roof and try to readjust the TV antenna. Once the antenna has been adjusted, rescan for all of the local channels and you would be able to see the channels again.
  • Cables are loose: There can be instances that the coax cables may have become loose. Ensure that these cables are tightened again both at the TV as well as the antenna end.
  • Weather conditions: There are chances that the weather of the place may tend to have an adverse effect on the TV reception hence you may lose out on the channels. Fog, rain or clouds can have a negative impact leading to no signal. In certain cases, people have complained that during the night time they receive poor signals whereas for others the case is quite opposite.
  • Interference of an electronic device: Certain devices whether new or old at home or in the neighbourhood can also create havoc on the transmission of signals leading to No signal. In such cases, you would need to turn off all the electronic appliances present in the house and check if the reception of signal is getting better. In case if the TV starts to receive signal then slowly turn on each of the device until you find out which of the device is the culprit.
  • Realigning antenna: Another reason for the loss of TV channels is the aim of the TV antenna. For example, if you had a bad storm the previous night then it may have caused the antenna to shift its position. There are multiple reasons why the TV antenna can get haywire. So the best thing is to go on the roof and check the position of your antenna and realign it. Once done, then carry out a rescan to see if you are receiving all the channels.

Hence before you panic as to why the TV channels have disappeared, do a check at your end based on the above tricks and get back the channels.

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