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The Hidden Benefit of Dropping Cable TV

Are you still one of those who have cable TV subscriptions? Still considering on going ahead with the subscription or cancelling the cable TV subscription? Well, there are a lot of benefit apart from the financial factor when you plan to drop the cable TV.

  • Cable TV would mean that there are hundreds of channels out there on your TV. But the real question is, how many of those do you actually watch. Dropping the cable led to reduction in mindless surfing in front of the TV. This would mean unnecessary waste of time just to look out for something of interest. Not many are aware but it is kind of hypnotic when it comes to scrolling channels mindlessly. But its sheer of waste of time and at the end would have make you wonder as to why are you paying when there is nothing of interest to watch even with so many channels.
  • Back in the 80s and 90s, gradually cable was booming. Also there was nothing apart from cable TV when we talk about entertainment. There were just few of the cable companies having just limited amount of cable options. But just to avoid missing out on any interesting show, one would blindly purchase all of the cable plans. The scenario today is completely different and there are much more interesting options available apart from cable hence it is best to drop cable.
  • Once you have made the final decision of dropping the cable TV then suddenly you would feel that there is lot of time in hand. This time can be used in much productive manner other than sitting and surfing the channels and achieving nothing at the end of it. You can spend that time playing with your kids, studying for school or college, or best is learn a new hobby. Using time productively would make you and your family happy. It would also ensure that you stay healthy and fit instead of just sitting on that couch for hours and wondering what have you achieved for so long.
  • When you drop cable TV and opt for other options such as Netflix then you are paying only for what you want to watch. It is always better this way, rather than paying money for something you may never watch on cable TV. You also have the option to purchase a complete season of a show in case if you are really a fan of that show.
  • Today there are cheaper alternatives of watching TV rather than the cable TV. Cable today is considered more expensive these days especially with their so many plans. Redbox is considered to be an awesome and low cost method to watch moves of your choice at home. This is all for just $1 per movie. Very much easy and highly recommended. Netflix has also become a popular option of an inexpensive method to watch TV series and movies. This is only for $8 every month. It is way better than spending more than $200 per month on your cable TV.