Ten Tips to Get More Channels with Your TV Antenna

So finally you have the TV antenna in place to get the local channels on your TV. But would want to see if there are more channels also coming up through your TV antenna. There are certain tips that one can follow to ensure that they get more number of channels with better reception on their existing TV antenna.

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30(up to 60)
  1. Go in for an outdoor antenna since it would reduce any multipath problems. Outdoor antennas tend to get better reception than the indoor antennas.
  2. Find the good spot for your antenna. Once you have found the ideal good spot, just run the tuner for allowing to scan through the channels. In case if you are not getting all of the channels that you should be ideally getting then think about moving the antenna to another location and run the scan again.
  3. If you are not receiving all of the channels the one of the reason being obstruction. These obstructions can be anything that would cause hindrance in the line of sight from the transmitter tower to your TV antenna. Few of these obstructions can be mountains, trees, tall buildings or even weather that can affect the reception of signals.
  4. Antenna when mounted high would lead to better signals and more number of channels. But you may need to invest in getting a longer cable wherein the results can turn out to be fairly dramatic. Since if you plan for a longer cable then the length of the cable and also affect the signal quality. Hence ensure that length of the cable should be only as long as you need. Make use of a coaxial cable.
  5. In case of an indoor antenna, you can try to select the best location since the location of an indoor antenna is known to have the biggest impact on how many channels you are receiving.
  6. The angle at which the TV antenna is mounted makes a lot of difference. Try to face the TV antenna towards the TV transmitter tower. This would make a lot of difference in the number of channels you receive.
  7. Moving an indoor antenna towards the skylight can also lead to more number of channels since it would be the closest thing to have an outdoor antenna by making use of an indoor antenna.
  8. Any type of electric interference can also effect on the reception signals. Hence unplug all of the nearby electronic items such as DVD players, set-top box and so on. Unplug all of the connections of the TV except for the antenna and the power. Then re-test it, if you find improvement in the number of channels then slowly turn on the other electronic items.
  9. Amplifier can also boost and lead to an increase in the reception signals if you are far from the tower. But at the same time it can cause hindrance if you are already receiving strong signals.
  10. Scan on a regular basis. Initially when you started with your TV there may be just few channels. But when you scan and update on a regular basis then you may see a rise in the number of channels. The TV stations on a periodic basis change the locations, transmitter power and channels. Hence a basic idea is to scan periodically to get more channels.