Mistake to Avoid When Buying a New TV

So you are all very much excited for purchasing a new TV set. You enter a showroom and find yourself amid a synchronized wall that is all flashing monitors of varied size and sound. It seems to be dizzy initially but when you need to clearly understand your requirements and go ahead with it. Purchasing a television may seem to be too overwhelming hence there are certain mistakes which one should avoid.

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Else you may land up purchasing the TV which does not fit your budget or your space.

  • Take size into consideration: Bigger always seems to be a better option. An individual may be tempted to purchase a bigger size TV. But when it comes to the size of the TV, there are two things that can happen. You get the TV home, mount it on the wall and then realise that you made a mistake since it looks all dingy. Else you may be all flattered by the size of it that you ignore the rest of the features. Size is a trickier thing hence it would be better to measure to ensure the space where you would want to place the TV. Another important factor to consider is from how far you are viewing. Hence it would be better to measure how far you would be sitting from the TV in terms of inches and then divide by 1.5. A range of 1.5 to 2.5 inches is ideal to watch TV from. Hence if you are watching a 55inches TV then you would be sitting around 6.9 to 11 feet away from it to get the ideal watching experience.
  • Sound does matter: Most of them only go with the size and outer experience but ignore the sound factor. But sound also matters a lot for completing your viewing experience. Thinner TV would mean; the speaker drive is smaller. This would mean that the sound would not be that good. Hence for ensuring that the TV sounds great, you would need to consider integrating into a home audio system or buy a sound bar.
  • Smarter TV: The new age TV comes with a lot of facility. They are like a magic box which can do anything. Some of them have 3D capability, some can stream other channels such as Sony, Netflix as well as other online providers. There are some wherein you can just connect to Wi-Fi and play your favourite Youtube songs or movie. All of this would mean an additional premium amount on the buying price. The list is endless but it really boils down to what exactly is your preference. Try to analyse what you and family would really want from the TV and then make the choice.
  • Think about future: The shopper today, tries to bargain on the best price so that it can save them money but pays less attention to the future as well. Today, there are changes happening every other day. Similarly, gadgets also change quickly these days. Hence a TV that has less options would soon become old-fashioned. Hence when purchasing a TV, try to analyse and go in for the ideal one that can last for few years irrespective of the changes.
  • Hook up: When you are selecting the TV ensure that it has enough number of inputs for everything you would want to connect it with. Though it may sound simple, but it can get trickier when making the choices. It is better to count the components you would want to connect and make a note of the connectivity before you go on a TV shopping spree.