Cable Bill Goodbye: The best indoor TV antennas for cord cutters

Selecting the right kind of TV antenna can turn out to be a confusion option. There are so many options of antenna available and picking out the one that would suit your need is not an easy task.

Let us have a look at few of the best indoor TV antenna’s that would help in saving cable and also provide you with all the channels.

  • Mohu Leaf Glide 65 Mile: Mohu is mostly known for providing flat type of antennas. This particular Mohu Leaf is comparatively a high-end flat TV antenna. You can hide it easily in the room and it would still pick strong signals which are both UHF and VHF. It can reach a radius of 65miles wherein you can get your favourite shows and news on the local as well as network channels.
  • Clearstream 2V Indoor HDTV antenna: For those who are looking out for a versatile as well as high-end performance antenna then clearly it is worth going in for the Clearstream 2V Indoor HDTV Antenna. It is an all-weather antenna which can be placed both indoors as well as outdoors. Clearly a good option for those who are not close to any major broadcaste station and would require an antenna that has a long range. Even those houses that have obstructions are clearly providing positive review of Clearstream.
  • WinegardFlatWave Amped: Those of you who are looking out for some cheaper options in indoor antenna can have a look at winegardFlatwave. It is available in a competitive price. This antenna has 50-mile-long range along with an embedded digital TV antenna, a coax mini cable and a USB power cable.
  • 1byone Indoor TV antenna 50: This antenna has a mile radius of 50 along with a 20 inches’ cable. It is available in competitive price. There is an amplifier that comes along with this antenna and it allows you to toggle the strength of the signal either on or off. When this amplifier is turned on, you can also watch certain additional channels.
  • Antennas Direct Clearstream Eclipse: This particular indoor antenna can pull in more number of channels at much higher strength. It has a 12 feet long coax cable which is again detachable. It is long enough so as to position the antenna in most of the room. It can pull signals both UHF and VHF within a radius of 35 miles. It can also be purchased with an amplifier in case if you need additional reach.

The indoor TV antennas are basically considered to be a low cost option for cutting the cord so that you can enjoy a better and free OTA programming. With the amplifiers that are built in the antennas, one would also be able to experience free HD TV without even staying near a major city. Ensure to purchase your TV antenna from a store that has an excellent return policy since you may need to carry out testing for more than one before you get the right one for your home.