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10 Best Christmas Gifts for TV Lovers

There is just that one member in the family who is forever obsessed with TV and their world revolves around television. Such members or friends know each and every detail of the TV series along with the episode and the season number. As the festive season is rolling with Christmas round the corner, we all are trying to think about some unique gifts for our loved ones. Presenting you a list of 10 best Christmas gifts which you can gift the TV obsessed individual and they surely are going to love it.

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  1. Mini Popcorn Machine: Popcorn sounds quite familiar when you think about movies and binge watching series. Get a mini popcorn machine for your TV lover which would be easier to access as well as for storing snacks.
  2. Favourite TV show T-shirt: If the TV lover is a binge watcher of a particular series such as FRIENDS or Game of Thrones. Then you can gift them something they would always remember and wear around.
  3. TV Cleaning Kit: Watching TV on a clean screen is always a pleasure. A TV cleaning kit which comes along with wipes, cleaner and cloth can help in ensuring that the TV is in tip-top condition.
  4. Membership card: There are various online channels streaming endless series and movies. This Christmas gift your loved one a card subscription to channels such as Netflix, Hulu and many others.
  5. Cool Coffee Mugs: How about getting a cool looking coffee mug for your TV lover. You can get some quote or famous character designed on the mug based on the likes of the person.
  6. Indoor Antenna: Why take the pain of paying for the cable when you can get your hands full in certain channels. Having an indoor antenna presented by Amazon that one can plug into the TV directly would get you up to 1080p high definition channels.
  7. Smart Speakers: A television without an amazing sound quality would seem to lack the uniqueness. Hence this Christmas you can plan to gift your loved one a set of speakers to complete their TV watching experience. Get a good brand one with high quality sound definition.
  8. Harmony Universal Remote: Today a television is much more than watching series and shows. You can quickly hook up your TV on to cable set ups or to your computer and experience a different world together. But this would mean juggling with more than one remote. Hence to make this experience better you can gift a harmony universal remote wherein most of your devices can be controlled.
  9. Pillow: Help your TV buddy to be more comfortable while they are watching their favourite TV show. You can gift them a pillow with their favourite show characters or name of their favourite show designed on it.
  10. A Complete DVD of their favourite show: This is US is one of the most famous NBC drama currently on TV. If you TV addict has not catch it yet, you can gift them a complete series in the DVD that can be purchased online as well.
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