The amplified free TV antennas basically are of two types. The first one is commonly referred to as an amplified TV antenna. They are the ones with an antenna amplifier which is mostly built into the antenna housing. The built-in preamplifier would be hidden in the antenna plastic housing itself. It would not be easily visible. One of the disadvantage of using this type of antenna is that, one is forced to make use of the preamplifier that already comes inside the antenna. In certain cases, when the preamplifier stops working then the individual would need to get the entire antenna replaced.

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Getting the right kind of preamplifier would be mostly determined by the strength of the TV signals that are incoming and also what has been installed in between the TV and its antenna. In case if the antenna is placed very much closer to the TV towers and the incoming signals are very much strong then at those times there preferably would not be a need of an amplified TV antenna. Amplifier would only be of benefit when there are no strong TV signals present in your area. When there are already strong signals then it may lead to overdriving of the signals that comes from the amplified TV antenna which in turn would lead to some kind of malfunction. This would result in poor TV reception.

The second kind of amplified TV antenna would be those ones that are not accompanied by an amplifier. A proper amplifier would be chosen to match the reception condition and it would also need to be purchased separately. Such kind of signal amplifier are mostly designed to be placed near the antenna and onto the mast pipe.

In case if you are making use of a long length of coax cable or if you have more than one TV then having an amplified TV antenna would prove to be beneficial. However, you should note to place it in the correct location which is relative to the cable run. Do not place the amplified Television antenna at the closest to the TV. Instead it should be placed at the end very much closer to the antenna.

Note that when the TV antenna amplifier power supply is not properly plugged into an appropriate electrical outlet which is running through the coax cable that comes from the power injector and into the TV antenna amplifier then it would lead to interruption. It would cause the TV antenna amplifier to shut down and stop working. When there is a non-working TV amplifier then it would make the reception even worse. It would lead to weakening of the signal as it would try to pass through the TV antenna amplifier that isn’t working properly or has shut down.

Hence before you go in to select an amplified TV antenna, try to figure out your exact situation. In case of a long coax cable, it would be advisable to get an amplifier. Similarly, when you get weaker signals, you can go in for an amplifier.